Welcome To Amor Coco!

We would like to introduce our company, Amor Coco Kenya Limited as an integrated coconut processing facility, based out of Kilifi, Kenya.

About Us

Our Story

The coconut may perhaps be one of the industrial and versatile crops in the KENYA. Since 2013, there are increased investment, coconut value addition and opening up of export markets that have boosted coconut farming along Kenya’s coastal region with huge returns for local farmers.Keeping that in mind Amor Coco Kenya (EPZ) Limited (ACKEL) was incorporated on 22nd March 2018.

Type of Production Process

a) White Kernel section
b) Wet Section
c) Dry Coconut section

The industries that we work with

The industries that we work with are mainly
1. food industry (Biscuits, Bakeries, Dairy, Deserts, etc)
2. Health & Beauty industry
3. Baby Product

Where can you buy Amor Coco Products?

You can buy Amor Coco coconut products at your local health food store and nearby supermarkets and online as well.

100 % Organic     

All our products are free from any artificial color & flavors.

No artificial ingredients or process has been followed during the production of our Coconut products.

Where to Buy

Our Products are currently available at select retailers in Kenya ..
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